Wednesday, 18 July 2012

When Only The Clouds Move

Don't be so sure,
It's as easy to say it wont snow tomorrow.
I feel the cold, can't you.
My limbs and extremities shook,
All I feel is numb.
Like ice, only not enough hair
To stand up to this.
A lot can happen before tomorrow.
Its getting cold as this day
Only grows short.
Where is everyone.
Time is ready to freeze
The blank sickness
Of the white sky,
And the tame frosted glass
Grass hills.
All still like a night illuminated;
I sit smudged across
A photo of warmth and awe,
In this frozen scene.
I burrow and dig,
I am long gone,
Frozen: just ice.
You'll come out in the thaw.

Broken Compass

Did you hear me call you,
When all beds had partners?
I was going to call on you;
But what would I say.
Nothing can make the time up.
Like those you really love,
Time: when you realise, its gone away.
I tried not to dream of you, last night,
When we slept, so far apart.
I heard your voice
Before I seen your face.
I never knew you, before;
I don't even know you now.
I search days, days,
People and faces,
Where is your congruency,
Just the negative
Sitting still like the photo,
Waiting for the light, my life,
Spinning in illegitimacy.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Epitaphs In Grey

The grey upon the grey,
In a grey night of grey,
Upon my grey white pillow.
My eyes grey to black.
Out of my grey sight
A little black grey figure
Rounds the grey white crest
Of my grey white pillow,
Sitting in the grey of night.
The little grey brown spider,
Seeing my eyes grey to black,
Scuttling fast across the grey white mass,
Into the black grey of my mouth.
I can't move in the grey night,
Upon my nest of grey white,
As the grey black sits heavy
On my grey flesh.
I feel the grey brown legs
Stopping on my maroon grey tongue,
Then scuttling down into the grey black gullet.
My body frozen in the grey of time,
In the grey night of grey:
A corpse of grey,
Lain upon a grey white grave
In the grey grey night.
The grey green light
Turns grey to black.

Monday, 9 July 2012

I Don't Mind

Sweet mind, little mind, or no mind at all;
I don't mind,
If you don't.
Just don't call, I can't be talked down;
I've been built up for the big fall.
I can't be talked to:
Talk to you, I wont.
Let us look at my chances,
And think about
The whole lot of nothing
That you can do.
Think about it and see,
Everything I say
Might be true;
Then again I might have lied,
At least you tried;
But seeing inside from outside
Is as hard as can be;
Don't you agree.

Say what you like;
Sweet mind, little mind,
I don't mind at all.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Dead Man's Bells

Dead man's bells,
Dead man's bells,
Louder and louder, driving me madly
Towards the tower.
I'll climb the steps
And throw myself
From the Dead man's bells.

Dead man's bells,
Dead man's bells;
To drive out this pain,
Sitting like a ball
Deep within my pit.
I can't tear it out,
I'll flush it out
With the Dead man's bells.

Dead man's bells,
Dead man's bells;
A sweet silent song you sing,
Teach me how to sing,
Let me drink you in;
I cannot think of a song more beautiful,
Than the silence you will bring,
As I attend to chorus
Of the Dead man's bells.

Dead man's bells,
Dead man's bells;
I wish I had never heard you sing,
I wish your beauty pass me by;
But now I've been sucked in.
You drive me mad,
Dead man's bells,
And now I hear no other song.
The only way to stop the Dead man's bells
Is the Dead man's bells.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

In The Rain

I'm looking for you in the cold grey rain,
To stand besides, to watch the night roll in.
The water slips from my hair, running down my skin.
Where are you, black shadow girl,
To find love in the cold grey rain.
The wind stings a frightened dog nip across my cheek;
Where are you to ease my pain.