Saturday, 27 August 2011


Your fear keeps you silent,
As your little limbs tremble,
Your hair is coming loose,
And your eyes
They do nothing but ask.
Part of me feels,
I am sick in sympathy for you.
I would gladly take your pain;
Returning what they taken,
In a heart-beat.
We know this can't be done,
But trust in me,
For I know there is an end
And a light,
And days of sunshine,
Play, and that walk
With the little bum-wiggle
That reminds me,
Of a little toddler dancing.

You look at me,
With those puppy-dog eyes asking,
And all I see is that silver screen
And that little girl;
"Is life always this hard,
Or is it just when your a kid?"
And the answer is always;
"It is always like this".

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Of Mens Minds At Midnight

In the cold dark night I walk,
With haste, the pebbles chatter
Beneath my feet, and in the dark
Something can hear them talk.
In the black cold silence
Sneaks and creeps,
The ocean growl of a monster,
And the beast atop the trees
Sinister woody creaks.
I walk a little faster,
As I move through the copse;
Then comes a breathing behind me
And my body shakes and stops.
I hold my breath and listen close,
For what I cannot see,
My heart beat beats ever more loudly;
And then I see it move from behind a tree.

I break the stillness and the silence,
And set of at some pace,
I glance behind in a panic,
I see his glowing face.
With eyes of fire and a face full rage,
He follows me at speed.
With tears streaming I begin to cry,
To the moon I plead.
I think he is getting closer,
But I dare not stop and look,
For in the copse I have heard the tale,
Of a monster and a man with a bloody hook.
I see the door to my home,
And put in one last sprint,
Through it I barrel, turn and lock it tight,
Out the window through tears I squint,
Into the black of night.
Nothing there but the moon,
And he appears to laugh and smile;
I climb into bed and hide
Still shaking all the while.
I relax a bit and give a little snort,
Was it all in my head,
O, what a silly thought,
I settle down a little now,
Ready for my nightly nap,
When outside the door I hear him call,
And upon it he does wrap.
To the window from my bed,
I give a nervous look;
For from my bed, in the window,
I can see his bloody hook.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sitting On A Fence

What do you see when you watch me so?
You watch me, I see you
But do you know?
I see it all
Like the blind man feels,
The kisses, the Romeo words;
He endeavours and he steals.
The grazed knees thrown down,
Buckled under belief-making time's fair will.
We've grown, nurtured and loved,
And now it's time to kill.

Amongst this mess there is ourself,
And ourself is at the core;
Sail every sea and ocean
And it is inevitable one day,
That you'll come across a shore.
Take flower petals and the smiling moon,
For days come;
And are often gone too soon.
In the dark no one likes a lune.
Like the dog-ball dog,
That goes too and fro;
I cannot stay, I will not stay,
For in my heart I know,
That very soon will come a day
When a ship sets sail,
And aboard it I shall go.

Do you see this as I watch you
Watching me, from the corner of my eyes?
Do you see the smiles and innocence
As the buttons on my cloak:
My intricate disguise?
Or could it be,
That I fool not you,
But only endeavour to fool me.
With coin on back of hand,
So alone I stand, Alone in my purgatory.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lesson One: The Method Actor

I love you, I love you;
I say it to you,
I say it to you,
Is it true? I have no clue,
Then why is it I do?

I love you
Because you are beautiful, in your own special way,
I love you regardless;
Whether man, woman, heterosexual or gay,
I love you because I can,
I love you because I am selfish
And it makes me feel great,
I love you because I am greedy,
And for love I cannot wait.
I love you like the morning,
In all its splendid glory,
Lets share this love like love:
The love found in a love story,
Our paper love, A crisp white dove,
A love that fits the bill,
A love that will never fade,
A love to do my will.

So take this love and share it out,
Give it to all you see,
And feel free to fake it,
If your not feeling so lovely.

But just remember that
Love is life and life is love,
And love is all a play,
So take you life and take your love,
Lets have some fun,
And with it run away.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Look At Me

A stray dog, he will never find his home,
Alone, they pet him, stroke him,
Kick him and chase;
They give him the odd bone.

He walks at night, and in no set direction,
He looks at the world,
Just the softest slither
Of pale moonlight.
In the silence he can feel his peace,
And gives up some time
To sing and to play.
He finds it in the air,
And the hunt is finally on,
A spectre'd glow lights his body
As it nears the break of day.

People have often tried,
But they can't chain what is free,
Try and you might only be left
With the bill to pay.
He does it to survive,
To him there is no better,
He lives only because he is.

There is a point when it rains
Where you can't get any wetter.
You stand there and shiver
In this water-weighted coat,
And as you shake it off
I see you smile,
And then it is gone,
You begin to follow,
The Stray Dog

A Choice Made (And Gave Unto You)

I see what you say,
It oozes from
Every bit of your flesh visible.
It says that it cannot believe,
It can barely fathom how I don't hurt,
That I am not at this very moment
Laying doubled up on the floor.
Your eyes say the same,
They speak the hurt
That you had for me,
You give me back my books,
But I leave you with my shirt.
Just like the stars that shine,
It is nice to see you,
But I don't need to see you again.
I guess you need a friend though,
As you handle this hurt
That you had meant for me.
I was long prepared for this,
Ever since the very beginning;
I could hear your ghost,
Among the voices in the night;
It searches for what,
It does not know,
And your mind runs around,
Your just a tethered pony
With nowhere to go.
Make your path and walk it straight,
And I will walk you some of the way.
Do not fear no wall nor gate,
And know our paths will part someday.
Forever with you your choices stay.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Don't Push Me I work With Knives

You say what? Y'say what?
I don't care for
Or much like you lot;
Sitting there with your
Get down talk,
That's all you are;
Just air, just talk,
And you don't miss a beat,
But your missing half your teeth,
And your faded tats from back in the day
When you was such cool cats
Don't hide the tracks on your arms,
Looking like railway maps.
Yet maybe your not so bad guys,
There might be some common sense,
Or a conscience
Behind those smoky cirrhosis eyes,
And it is so bad if one of you is ill or,
God forbid, one of you dies
Yet you revel in your racism,
I bet it would turn you all on
To hear an Asian or African man's cries,
But you can't get it up,
As all day you sup, sup, sup;
Living the life, skating around on your giro:
Your an artist, a contemporary,
Half comatose filling out a claim form,
Confused using a needle as a biro,
I don't ask myself why though,
Because in my heart I know
That when you have tapped, milked,
Begged, borrowed, and stole;
That I wont see your face no more, well,
At least until you get your dole.
Don't worry though, I will let you be,
I wont tell you your a joke,
Or a waste of life,
Worse than a piece of shit
And a hundred times more vile. Why?
Because I am paid to
So it is all
Service with a smile.
Just please do the same for me
And leave me be,
Were not mates
And you don't understand
And you certainly don't see,
Because your a dirty little cretinous skag-head waste of life, skin, breath, space and time, with the IQ of the ticks that feed upon what isn't smack in your veins, and a look so disgustingly ugly not even your mother would claim you; and your father mustn't have been on the scene because any self-respecting man at birth would have brained you.
So slur your words to someone else, and not me;
Look in the mirror and tell me you don't see,
Your a model, a spokesman, the perfect candidate,
For why we shouldn't touch dope,
I watch you there, and wonder about the world and ask,
Is there any hope?

Saturday, 13 August 2011

How To Kill a Puppy In Three Easy Steps

Beyond the smiles and amongst the dust,
I sit here alone, in the corner
As my body begins to rust.
I paint images of life in the sepia gloss,
Of a world that could have been,
To all unseen, and you couldn't give a toss.
You keep me here, down;
I feel so small, and you
The director, the orchestrator of it all,
Spurning me with hate to which
Love you call: and wait!
There I go, just a little house spider
Caught in the corner of an eye,
As quiet as a mouse, as I break across the carpet.
I want out but still you cry,
And still I stand, and silent,
And I die.
Quick wipe me from your shoe
Before I taint your food,
Spoil your broth,
And leave a bad taste in your mouth.
I run around your house on sugar,
After you slip me a glass of pop:
The top dog, the cream of the crop,
Or just that cute little puppy,
That everyone loves to kick,
And that fits neatly
Into the bag with the masonry brick,
Muffled I sing sweetly,
The babbling brook gurgle
Of the bloodied last breath of asphyxiation.
Here's your commendation,
Here is your prize!
It's not a trip for two
Or a microwave oven;
Its our star prize!
A life to live,
Equipped, fully loaded,
With cold faces, cold hearts,
And impenetrable lies - can you believe your eyes?
It is all for you,
This is your legacy son;
Now just answer this one question.
What is it all worth to you,
For this, what would you do?
Could you kill a man?
Butter me up: spread on the hurt,
I'll just take the paper-weight
And that fruit'o'loom tee shirt.
Wax on and wax off,
As our oil-slick smiles shine,
In the summertime,
In a room with no windows;
I'm in my element,
I'm in my prime.
Come see me, you don't see me,
Table for two
Come dine.
Watch my feet, watch my hands, watch my wobble
As I walk this line;
You cheer me on and encouragement you call,
But I - like you sit and pray
For the thud, crash, crunch,
Of the capital fall,
And I sit in wonderment and awe,
At a bloodied mess and a bloodied corpse,
Merging with the floor,
I sit still, still staring,
And let out a snigger of a snore,
Still in the moment of that wondering awe;
Can I believe what I just saw!
This deserves a hand,
A clap, A round-of-applause;
To the ovation I stand,
But in the tsunami wave I pause,
I freeze, I halt, I stop,
And it hits me, it hits me hard,
Like it must have felt to the floor;
From spider to puppy to puddle,
It was only me that I saw.
So sing your ashes to ashes,
Throw your dirt and your dust,
Just don't leave me in this corner, just
Don't leave me here to rust.

Friday, 12 August 2011

That Strong Rock Is Immobile

I stop time and forget it all,
You give me hope of the days gone by,
And in the rain I am a rock:
Unmoved and tall,
Ready to fight or prepared to fall.
Ready to live and ready to die.

The days come and the days go by,
Like a childhood in a parents eye,
But we do not tie ourselves to the galloping horse;
The day must come to say goodbye
And it must be free to run its course.
Smile, you lose a memory each tear you cry.

Time doesn't stop it just passes you by,
You should have seen this,
And yet your still asking why?
I see people who make me sigh,
But they always go -
They just passed me by

And so I stand here and try,
To relive the days that have passed me by,
And then I think and ask myself why?
Those days have gone, passed me by,
And tomorrow,
Tomorrow could be the day I die.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

It Was Mafting (But Never Rained)

You take me in,
Wing to wing:
Hold me kiss me,
Skin to skin.
You smile at me in wanton bliss,
With that virginal smile
Reconnoitring for the kiss.

You look at me;
Hold me close,
I fall inside:
This tryst so gross.
And still you shine
That felicitous smile,
And in return I offer you mine.

Inside you I see not so,
Lets love today
And forget tomorrow.
We do it for each other,
We do it for I;
And when the summer nights not so close,
Never sigh and never cry.