Saturday, 14 July 2012

Epitaphs In Grey

The grey upon the grey,
In a grey night of grey,
Upon my grey white pillow.
My eyes grey to black.
Out of my grey sight
A little black grey figure
Rounds the grey white crest
Of my grey white pillow,
Sitting in the grey of night.
The little grey brown spider,
Seeing my eyes grey to black,
Scuttling fast across the grey white mass,
Into the black grey of my mouth.
I can't move in the grey night,
Upon my nest of grey white,
As the grey black sits heavy
On my grey flesh.
I feel the grey brown legs
Stopping on my maroon grey tongue,
Then scuttling down into the grey black gullet.
My body frozen in the grey of time,
In the grey night of grey:
A corpse of grey,
Lain upon a grey white grave
In the grey grey night.
The grey green light
Turns grey to black.

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