Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Prayer For Lovers

Thoughts pure and of love
And the acts of love are gifts from God,
And though coarse in apparition they may seem;
Blissful and in Heaven
Surrounded by etheral love they do dwell
And hither from they come.
Think not to be cast to Hell but raised up
To sit with Cherubim and Seraphim in Heaven,
For the true love we doth share
Is a gift from the Almighty.
The greatest of all
To love and be loved
With all thoughts and act
That it doth encompass.
To you all my love blest.

The Walk Home

By full moons light we walk
To each other; tales of love we talk
Crunching snow on snow covered paths,
As the night meanders by silently.

Cheese and pickle picnic in the cold
Warmed by a scolding hot old flask
Of metallic tasting tea. The first
Hour of the day and to others
We must be a sight to see.

Not one care in the world I have
Right now walking by your side;
The moon casts shadows dark
Through the branches of a naked tree,
You tell me that if you upped and died
Right here, that you would die happy.

You always say how sad you feel
And that parting is such a shame;
I pull you close and reassure, but
Inside I can't help but feel the same.
What good is being sad
And dwelling on the past,
Getting upset about what's gone before
And worrying that it wont last.

These times before we met
You should definitely not think about,
Because one thing I know for sure
And I know without a doubt, is that
I love you like no other Bonny
That has ever been before, Bonny.
It is you and only you Bonny
That I cannot live without.

Sweet To a Sweet Tooth

How can this love be real,
Never before have I felt
The way she makes me feel;
Walking on air, floating away,
Her touch, her kiss, her smell.
Each time I see her my lust doth grow,
In my body my heart begins to swell.
She is everything and all I see;
No blinkers, hallucinations, or sorcery.
I see clear and by God's word true
My soulmate, perfection, everything:
Why the fish swim and the doves coo;
Why lions roar and the songbirds sing.
She is the only one
That I could be with,
No other person could even come close;
The one and only reason I live,
My partner that Love's love chose.
Until my dying day she will be the only one,
Into infinity: even after my body
And the Earth hath gone.
She is a woman - the only woman
The only person I think of sexually;
From 'til the end of time, I pledge
She is the only woman
I will be with intimately;
My wife, my life, my felicity.
Everything I want and the reason
For everything I want to be.
I love everything about her
And the way she makes the world seem.
She is really real
But as perfect as a perfect dream.
She is everything I live for
And what makes me me;
God only knows how much
I love you caKe & Tea

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Summer TV Glow Sun Tans

Three buttons and four arrows,
Technologies advanced but still
Can't compete, Boyhood memories
Played out in 64Bit, One chance:
Many lives but just one chance
To be the hero, play it again
New strategies, tactics, some fizzy
and chocolate, we can do this
I don't want to see game over,
The sad faces filling screens
Presenting a dejected character;
Game over - continue the choice
Is yours, For the glory, the win,
Names on leaderboards and highscores,
Best friends battling side-by-side
Saving each other; sacraficing lives,
Onwards to a highscore, The furthest
You have ever been, Up pops a man with
Racing form in hand, game over as he says
'Go outside to play you have been on this all day'
It is over and we are defeated but still alive
Tomorrow to complete the game
On my Sega Mega Drive.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Cake & Tea

Like the night sky kisses
The cliff faces in the sea,
Days filled with music
Song, jazz to make everything
Seem right and a landscape,
Pristine, panoramic, perfect;
Scorched earth and graffiti:
Attractions and sights of beauty.
An island paradise, adrift in a sea
Of desolate wasteland islands,
Filled with deserts, destined to be
Deserted by deserters, In search
Of an island, and just desserts
on an island paradise like thee.

Letter From A Masochist

I don't care for you or care for them,
I never really did:
I am selfish and do not like to be around
People with problems;
Other people's problems,
They have a nasty tendency
Of becoming your own.
I would apologise to you,
If you were here in person
But you are not so I wont, I would say,
Sorry for faking worry and angst
When presented with you and
Your problems and woes.
Sorry but I was pretending
So I could blend in,
With this crowd and
So I could make friends
To help keep me out of trouble;
Plus: I wanted to sleep with your friends.
Do not misread me.
I am not a bad person and would not
Like to see you in a bad way;
What I would like
Is for you and everyone
To leave me alone,
Stop trying to hold on to something
That was so clearly defined
In the beginning, we didn't speak
And I wish it had stayed that way,
I had often laughed when you cried
But, please, take some comfort,
Because I had also at others.
If you keep bothering me
And bide your time, I am sure
You will see me hurting and upset;
Then you too can delight
In such sadistic pleasures,
So much so that you can taste
Tears and blood on your tongue.
Don't bide, take,
Poke at me with sticks, through bars,
As I cower fetally; kick me
Into my own shit and piss
Laughing, in harmonies
With my cries of, complete,
Pain and humiliation;
Spit in my eyes
And slap me, hold my head while
You pour piss in my face.
Enjoy it! I would enjoy
Your suffering, and would go
Even further. I would cut
And burn you, and I would never tell,
Just like if it happened
To me, just do it! Enjoy it
Because I hate you.

Monday, 13 December 2010

The Purgatory Of Day

Too late to summon myself to blissful sleep,
Too early to be expelled from the night and awake.
I sit uneasy in the waiting room of life
The void between day and night;
Betwixt paradise and perdition.
In this purgatory I repent, and
Pray to rulers sat in heaven and in pandemonium
For the night to consume me, or
The day to come save me.

Time slows and the candlelight flickers
As icy breath from umbrageous paths close in,
Pied Pipers music spills from my looking glass
To mask the thundering run as the hounds move forth.
Drowned out by the deafening silence of fear
I cower and fawn praying into the black
For the Sun and his atoning light to appear.

No rejoice heard as the darkness does not abate nor slake,
Vociferous cries of pain beg entry
As Belial pulls me towards Lethe
To be nevermore in nothingness.
As I sink into oblivion a saving hand pulls me free:
Colopatiron guides me toward sunrise,
First beam of mornings sweet light
lighting safe passage to thee.

The Doppelganger's Dream

Pain and discomfort reside in my body,
I watch the night consume the world
Reaching out, beckoning me into the black,
The sea teases and tempts me in;
Clouds that shroud the night's grave mission
Chase me, saddled upon the wind,
My doppelganger dances in mirthful gaiety
To the last chorus of Death's song,
The moon turns away from my plight;
Her last look one of pity.
Skin falls from flesh and flesh from bone,
My bones dry and disintergrate to dust,
Her tears wash away my dust
Carried away on the light of the day's sun
Kicking and screaming, my nails bite into the earth
As my body and soul is dragged into the ether -
An aeriform spectre of life spent;
Eternal suffering to which I now belong
As I gaze upon you for evermore;
Never to feel the warmth of your naked body,
To touch and share soft words with you.
Never again to taste sweet kisses
And to join in perfect loving embraces.
I cry tears, that never dry, for you,
Speak words of love so just and true
That you will never hear;
I plead with my doppelganger into eternity
To show me the path that leads your way.
As Death grasped my hand to steal me away
I saw, and feared even more,
My only true fear;
A fear too cruel for any man to see -
To spend all time without having you with me.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Room 5

The bubble, sizzle and pop of flesh
Under flame blackened spoon handle,
Wound licked clean: kissed numb
A commitment, a scar and a promise;
The brand from the flames
Of love's everlasting candle.

A cup of tea encased by drab magnolia walls,
Pure, naked, we sit in the eves.
We talk, sit, lie, laugh, and cry,
As Saint Francis lights the room.
Upon sheets laced around the edge,
Printed with flowers and leaves.

Flesh and bones become one,
As love and lust steal away the night.
The sister moon smiles outside,
Watching you sleep and watching you wake;
Kisses, love, and sweet embrace,
Words often said but never trite.

A womans drunken discourse discloses
Breathing a smile to kiss rosy red cheeks,
Love's etheral choirs of cherubs and angels
Sweet songs carried along the nights breeze.
Consumation, confirmation, and copulation,
Now and forever until just two antiques.

The Finger Promise

I throw myself into your den
Standing before your eyes,
Devour me, consume me, I am your feast.
Never to love again and to you I tell no lies.
The most dangerous creature the world has ever seen,
But you are not a beast;
You are a lady, a woman,
The mother of our child;
I love you, fancy you, lust after you,
You make me crazy and drive me wild.
I will honour my promise and always be true,
If you left me tomorrow you left me with nothing
The only one who can destroy me is you.
I am body without heart and soul,
Because to you they belong
And forever they are yours.
I trust you completely to me you could never do wrong.
I will stay with you forever
Until the sun lights its last day,
Each night in my arms and beyond this life
Into grave eternity beside you I will stay.
I do but only write these words
In hope that my actions will verify,
Your happiness: all the riches in the world
And if you so wish the stars in the sky,
For you anything I would give;
Everything I have; my clothes, my fingers and my toes,
To you I would give them all
Because you are the reason that I live.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


I have nothing to offer but everything that I am,
As I stand alone in the street: I give myself to you.
This is everything I have ever wanted;
Yet I have nothing in return to give you,
I have no money, no belongings and no job,
I am just the servant with the one talent,
Hidden deep inside a hole.

I dream and I pray to a god that cannot help,
Like a man awaking in a strange place,
In a place with no light.
I know what needs to be done,
I'm just not so sure how to achieve it,
But I know I can make it right.

I want all those things we talk about,
I want all of them to come true,
I know it is all possible,
I will achieve them all,
Just because I love you.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


With all its majesty and grandeur,
This temple is just a ruin,
Derelict you don't live here anymore,
Just statues and paintings within picture frames,
This opulent stone hall of worship,
Now a market stall; a corporation
To which men and devils play out their courtship,
Not one vessel that resides faith is here.
Like a friend I came to spend time,
Not give thanks and praise
But this house is empty.
Gone is the man whom commanded respect
Through love, compassion, and fear.
Your congregation diminished: terminal burrowing,
Hypothermic dying animals left out in the street.
The bells in the tower peel off into silence,
The gates closed and the door bolted shut,
The windows dark and the candles all burnt out,
Organs memory and choirs song now stale.
As the angels and the Madonna's statue cry,
This once grand and majestic church,
Now just God's sarcophigi

Cigarette Light

I braced myself, savouring the warmth each drag of my cigarette gave me. The snow falling heavy, I am already damp through, hat pulled down almost over my eyes. As the train pulls to a halt in this black and white cinema reel I step forward. As a mass of passengers alight from the carriages I slow my pace. Through the crowd she walks; making conversation with strangers. Unmistakable: Her beauty and grace, She burns an image through the ice and snow lighting up the dark night's sky. She cuts a figure through the crowd like Crawford, Dietrich or Blyth. Who have I buttered up so well to befall this fortune. I don't ask too much; thinking it is best to save these sort of questions for when she slips away out the back door. I greet her and we talk a little all the while I am fighting back the temptation just to grab her right there, never let go. Best not, I thought to myself, as that is a sure-fire way to scare a girl right back onto the train she just got off. Instead I play the gentleman trying to keep her interested and the conversation light. I walk her through the deathly quite streets to the hotel. A show within the main room, she had said on the telephone. My motive wasn't to see the show. A popular girl, I thought to myself as we were met out in the snow by some friends of hers and I was introduced. Inside we found ourselves a table and got some drinks. A lady that drinks lager with a dash of lime added effeminately. As we sit I can't help but stare at her beauty. Like a monster coveting the damsel. We talk, she laughs; I ease up a little, relax in my seat. During the intermission we leave the stuffy candlelit room and head out onto a balcony overlooking the sea. Maybe I am playing it too cool as she pushes me to kiss her. By the time this thought crosses my mind it is too late for games. Fireworks, as our lips meet under the snowfall, like the guns of an armada all firing simultaneously. At that moment we both know; that to each other we belong. As I hold her in my arms tight a veil of snow settles upon her long black hair. We retire back to the warmth of that stuffy room. The intermission over but I could feel something was just beginning. Inside as we watched the rest of the show I squeezed and stroked her knee; as if to reassure her that my intentions are true. The show over we walk out once more into the snow. This time we walk locked together like a couple tomorrow to be wed. Suspicious of my lottery win I wonder if maybe I am just a patsy hook, line and sinker to take the rap for someone. I brush this thought from my mind as I would gladly become worm-food as long as I could hold on to this feeling she gives me. We catch a cab into town. A scary journey to say the least as it seems our driver must be giving chase to someone. We step out in town and go for a few drinks. Talking, kissing, we walk through the snow without any thought to the cold. I feel as a boy on Christmas morning with this girl. Beautiful, intelligent with an air of confidence so perfect. As we walk I make a promise to myself to not screw this up. Like a man with a Faberge egg you don't mess around with something this special. We go to see a band play within the Station hotel's small bar. Our comfort and confidence growing we talk of things seemingly crazy. The talk of books and matinee plays but something about it feels right. It blows my mind and I feel like I could jump for joy that she feels the same; but I don't. Play it cool, you don't want to break the line when your reeling in a mermaid. At the bar a holy woman with the looks of a whore-house Madame. A special deal for eloping lovers. I know from this point on I will always have her. We step up to her alter and become husband and wife. No wedding dress or congregation. Just the veil of snow upon your head and a sparkle within each eye. I give my soul to my soul-mate. You sign the register within this plain and drab room. The smell of fried breakfasts hang in the air like bodies from the gallows. T's crossed and I's dotted, a smile and a kiss. The keys to the honeymoon suite placed in hand, as the door closes behind the holy woman already back at the bar. We follow suit walking the few paces across the desolate snow covered road, sitting like a half-painted canvas, to the bar. We celebrate and toast each other with a drink. I don't know if she can tell when I look into her eyes but she has made me the happiest man on the planet. Like a bone to a dog or cream to a cat. We finish up our drink, its is already quite late and it has been quite an eventful evening, and retire back to our room. Our first night as husband and wife. Like a thousand nights dreams come true as I hold you in my arms. Kissing your body, your flesh against mine as we consummate our vows. Your like a work of art, perfect, untouchable. I caress your curves, feel your bones through skin and run my fingers through your hair. I cannot believe it as I lie in bed with you. Your body illuminated by the street lamp outside the window. I finish my cigarette, savouring little to leave room for you. We lie naked in the bed, you in my arms. You switch out the light.

Monday, 6 December 2010

The Brine Teases (Sui Caedere)

As the wavering moon takes his place in the sky
And the eternal darkness descends over the ocean,
Waves blackened and scorched
Like the skin of the serpent
Slithering seductively along the swells surface,
Of this vast river of Styx: Calling me
Into the brimstone, ever burning and dark,
Like a thousand days of night,
I stare, lost, trapped; Just a fish in a net,
The dance of the femme fatale,
I want to throw myself onto the coals,
Feel the dark fires consuming me forever,
Peeling away the skin and flesh,
Bones floating like driftwood
On the sulphurous sea.
Numb; I teeter on the edge betwixt,
This earth on which I reside,
And the redemption-less never ceasing tortures
Suffered upon the brimstone fires
Of the river of Styx.
I cannot hold on no more,
Now unto the dark I am to cast myself,
Poised I take my last taste of the ether
And topple my body forward,
You hold on to me as I look down
Into the never ending pit,
Into the fires at Pandemonium,
So save me, pick me up from whence I fell,
My love, my soul to you it all,
You doth save me at the gates of hell.

Playing God

O how sweet and timid thou art,
Verminous creature of city and town,
Let me take the place
Of your tired wings,
Take some warmth from my skin,
As the day draws weary of the earth,
Let me burden all your sins,
Walk a while with me
Feathered brother of mine,
Be us dogs with no home or master,
Do not speak for it falls on deaf ears,
I will hold you gently,
You do not have to fear,
I am god and I am the reaper,
Know this because I am here,
I will comfort you and show compassion,
Take heed of the beauty in this;
As the clock ticks your terminal hour,
Your life has come to fruition,
A means to an end,
Lie still and let the executioners axe,
Guide you swiftly from this world,
Saint Peter's gate your soul to send,
As I relinquish you from my love and we doth part,
Such a hated creature by all, but
O how timid and sweet thou art!

The Dance Of The Doppelganger Around My Deathbed

Eyes glance down upon,
The scarlet soaked paper in hand,
Faint shock rolls over within,
As I wash it away,
The doppelganger sees;
Icy cold hands reaching forth,
Ready to seperate this soul from my body,
Like my ghostly twin - I have known for some time.
I do not fear the sower of the seed,
As he comes to rake in the harvest,
I will bow my head and fall,
Shattering like a stalactite,
Built up over time and,
Breaking off in the thaw,
I will leave behind nothing,
My spirit just a haze,
Like the heat rising from the tarmac,
On a warm summers day,
Destined to trade places,
With this malevolent spectre of mine,
Watching from the shadows,
Following on the breeze,
Haunted by the silence of time.
Don't cry for me my wife,
As the news comes through,
For me: That I've gone,
For this body of mine is but a vessel,
To which like a hermit crab,
He desires for his own,
But never will he wear,
My soul like the second-hand boots of the dead,
To you it belongs eternally,
As a wedding band upon your finger.
Do not grieve for I will never be gone,
As monkey puzzle turns to pure black jet,
Look up to the sky at night,
As each drop of rain,
Places itself gently against your skin,
My kisses softly against you face,
Drops freeze and turn to snow,
Your veil on our wedding day.
As my body stiffens,
Contorting as I am dragged from this earth,
Let my smile shine through,
This smile belongs to you.

Calling For A Friend

Twenty Richmond Superkings,
And a bottle of cheap scotch.
Looking introvertedly to a night alone.
Glasses of lager and beer,
A martini mixer from an oversized bottle,
Friends for life,
To which everything has been told,
But of me the do not know,
We share life,
But our hearts do not spill,
Never expecting anything,
We live in harmony,
Two friends united;
Two friends free.
Wrestling in the snow,
Slipping over on the ice,
We fake upset and anger,
Just to see the response.
We laugh and joke about it all,
To each other we cut deep,
The shocking and vulgar wins;
Over well-constructed punchlines.
Just two people,
Two people with no common interests:
Apart from each other,
Just two friends,
And to each a brother.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

A Dream?

As morning sun beams through,
Water-colour skies;
Melting away the cold snow and ice.
Did the night pass through?
Bringing forth dreams,
Of love, passion and ecstasy?
If but only dreams then why?
Why doth my heart still scream,
Flutter and try to break free?
Are these sweet memories just a trick?
A most cruel trick to play upon oneself,
Of softs kisses upon ever softer skin,
Of screams devout and words of love,
Of promises forever held,
Under the eternal eyes of God above.
If but a dream then a dream like no other,
If but a dream then to sleep I shall go,
To wake I shall nevermore,
For to wake from this dream so tender,
perfect, and sweet,
Would be to cast my body and soul,
Onto the sulpherous coals below.
If but a dream then but such a cruel dream,
Spat from Hades for a man to know,
But never to live,
Damning my heart to never love,
Like the love of my dream.
But it be not a dream which I do recall,
A reality so perfect it merely be;
The substance of which dreams are made,
My love did come in the night,
An angel with wings,
Feathers as blue as a summer sky,
Through open window and into my arms,
Whispering a synopsis of words;
That can only try to describe.
To die right here,
In a moment of unparralelled love,
Be still my heart for this can only be,
A dream to which dreamers dream,
Looking out to the sky above,
Run away with my mind,
My heart doth gallop,
In my arms forever lie,
Until the sun burns out,
Until the tides recede,
And never to return,
Until time ceases and all life follows suit,
Bodies entwined forever in perfect symmetry,
Until fossils.
This dream such a dream,
But a reality.
You my dream,
To which I dream dreams of love,

To Barbara

A hideaway for all in love;
For trysting couples and eloping lovers.
Barbara - A woman of age,
To which wisdom and knowledge,
Keeps her beauty fresh.
Within her walls lustful dreams,
Played out and become reality;
The proprietor of a place,
Built on and maintained by love:
Love lusting for the night, and
Love stitching together the days.

We grace your step on a dark winter's night,
Bride and bridegroom at an alter,
As newlyweds in love we enter, and
As mr. and mrs. signing the register.
Up into the sky we fly,
For our honeymoon - room three,
The best suite available at the A to Z.
As I look at you;
Passion and joy fill my soul,
As your husband I feel complete:
I feel whole.

A bed to consumate our wedding vows,
Within Cupid's house: Under Aphrodite's gaze,
As poison tip doth pierce our flesh,
Two hearts captured on the one arrow.
I spill my blood, my life,
My soul into you,
Our bodies entwined in reverent embrace,
Clasped hands at prayer,
My skin adheres to yours and we merge,
I give myself, everything I am and have to you.

To Barbara; our priest and our host,
Cupid, Aphrodite, God above,
To us you hath blessed,
An everlasting love.

The Winter Before The Storm

Cold graffiti scribbles,
Fading back into the wall,
Scars healing over time,
Echos of happiness, pain, and anger,
Fill this alleyway;
Cries of the dead within,
The abatois of life.

Heavy abiguous boots,
Crushing crunching, cold snow,
Cold skin an expression,
Of the cold heart within,
Frosty breath bellowing out,
Cigarette smoke distorted vision,
Fog on the morning sea.

Dead faces play host,
To dead eyes and minds;
Butterflies flying out to sea.
The blind walking blindfolded,
Footprints on top of footprints,
Just Russian dolls in the snow;
Rats fighting over dead meat.

Warm whiskey filling an empty glass,
Arm clinging on tight,
To a warm and sticky bar;
Greiving widow on a coffin.
Silent thoughts pass through,
Like the ships to port in the night;
A scavenging fox through the twilight city.

The Man In The Snow

I am: But a path from nowhere to nothing;
I see no begining and no end,
You mean everything to me:
You are my best friend.
The purest white offset by a ceiling so black,
You are everything:
And make up for everything I lack.
You know things -
That no one else could know;
To you my true self,
I can but only show.
You feel the same way;
As I but do too,
Yourself and everything about you,
The reason I want you.
Pure white powder;
That I wash my face with,
No matter what:
To you I want to give,
Myself and all.
Now belong to you,
Fear not:
Please know that I am true,
This night -
Let it be a foundation,
On which I build my house with you.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Reclamation Of A Misspent Youth

Trudging on tirelessly,
Through blizzard and hail,
The cold north wind,
Squeezing the breath out,
And life from the soul,
Lips; tight and rough,
Feet; numb and wet,
Back: Cries and whimpers,
Screaming, 'No more!'
Fingers; stiff,
Face; red and cracking,
Spirit; weak and on knees.
Twelve hours in the snow,
Day has now become night,
Not a soul in sight,
Thick crumbs of snow,
Spatter across cold wet squinting face.

Shovel moves snow,
Snow makes brick,
Brick makes shelter.
A shelter to house pride and joy,
A shelter to relive dreams,
The dreams of a little boy,
A shelter that nearly broke one man,
But for that little boy; he did not care,
No matter how hard it got,
He soldiered on all the while,
Happy to die right there in the snow,
For just one memory of that little boy's smile.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Industrial flares in the distance,
Illuminate the snow on the ground,
Orange hue reaching up into the sky,
The last remnants of a dying star,
The wind howls and bites,
In the cold dead night,
Beasts in the shadows,
Among this desolate mechanical wasteland,
Hail and snow cascade horizontally,
Peppering all in the way,
No signs of life,
Within this nuclear storm,
Void of emotion,
Shelter within the ruins,
A memory: A ghost,
Time passes and the past is buried,
Beneath the ashes of the dying star,
Cold windows black,
The dead eyes of colder ruins,
Breathing fear and loneliness,
To which the beasts feed,
Never ceasing night,
Only intensifying the angst,
For the light of day,
That will never come,
The black ebbs steadily away,
The stone across the tomb,
Of a dead star.

A Reply To The North Wind

Belittle us. belittle us now!
Let us fall deeper into this,
Blank, white void,
Take back what is yours,
Destroy all medical achievements,
And throw us into Darwin-ist theory,
Purge this earth,
And build upon the rubble and embers,
Allow the phoenix to rise,
Fly high and proud.
Only out of great destruction,
Can a new life flourish,
Respect restored and renewed,
Death is life,
Life is not a life until;
Concluded in death,
No man is worthy of your love,
Throw him out into the cold,
Lest he take his home for granted;
Back down with the animals,
The mongrel starving,
Scavenging for scraps,
Tail hanging low,
Feeling sorry for oneself,
In a world where no one will know.
Those once stood upon,
Delight in your sullen victory,
Because today you have,
Tools within your grasp.
O Belittle us,
Cast us down,
Reclaim your throne,
Throw out the squatters;
Claim back your home,
In your realm,
All men must learn,
A life to live,
Is something you must earn.