Thursday, 30 June 2011

Somewhere Between (a shit, a shower, and a sleep)

I'll let you down, my boy;
You'll never have your day
I think to myself,
As I lift up from the toilet seat,
You still hugging
Holding onto me.
Here's a tissue
Leave me be:
Clean yourself off,
I've had enough of you,
Always bringing me
Nothing but trouble.

It's the best thing
For both of us...
That you're gone;
If you ain't,
Dead and gone,
If you ain't gone
I'll test you in the water.
I'll watch you wash
Shampoo my hair
And think
Of bed.


"What a great man, Jim.
A real good ol' boy,
A shining example, Jim.
Thirty-three-years smoking
And he stops,
Just like that.
Cold turkey.
Forty a day,
And then nothing.
What a great man, Jim.
Then a fortnight later
And an aneurysm gets him,

Haiku (jiyuritsu, iie hireji)

Give up giving up,
The failing of a man. No!
The success of a man.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Summer Sunlight (It Lights My Heart)

The sun shines all over today,
And in the gardens and leas
The dance of the butterflies begin to play,
And with a bit of hay-fever I do sometimes sneeze;
But never will it stop me, from
Smelling sweet flowers and climbing trees.

A soft kissing breeze picks up
In the clear cloudless skies,
Gaiety and mirth overflow in the pup,
As she canters and bounds after flies;
And nothing today can diminish this smile
Even in the afternoon storm surprise.

In the Summer glow I can feel
Nothing other than utter joy;
New-born everything seems so real,
And I: the curious little boy.
The sun's sun beams, she does,
But in my courting advances she is so coy.

No more! I cannot live,
Without my partner - this smile,
And for it, anything I would give
And would walk a million mile.
I can but love, only until forever
Or until my mind senile!

O heavenly world what more can you do!
This love shines so brightly
And from here, so do you.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Power of the Sun

As I idly stretch, and slyly smile;
I look outside and think a while,
My future seems bright and the course seems true,
I am a million miles from the past week or two!
Is it the sun and the magic of her love,
That from beneath my troubles has lifted me above?
Or something else that I cannot see,
That has come from the blue but always been in me;
I know it so, and to me it please;
Because it is a result of both of these.
From the sun, love and all her wealth,
But the choice to act could be made only by myself.
Now I will continue to make myself better
And for her love I will always serve, and will never forget her,
I cannot choose her path in life,
I can but hope that she will stay, be my friend, lover, husband and wife?
All I can do is love her so
And support her and do my best for her, where ever she may go.
The gift of life she has given unto me,
So always and forever I am hers, eternally.
She may wish to leave me be,
Never I will stop her in being free;
And if she should ever need me, or should ever fall,
I shall be there with her, I would give her my all,
For to love and to never expect any return,
Is the only way in love to learn;
So for her I shall be as selfless as a mother,
The only way to being a true lover,
I will always praise the sun for shining on me,
And in her light of all things see only the beauty.
I have been down many paths not so great,
But of my past and my mistakes I do not regret and do not hate,
Without them I could never be me,
And this sunny world I would not see,
I do not ever want to go backwards though,
For in myself and in the sun, I only want to grow;
I do not expect it all to be an easy ride,
Of my fears, I must face; I can no longer run and hide.
This is the only way to ever truly be free,
And in this sun I can finally see me.

Monday, 27 June 2011


Yes the red raw skin does sting,
But without I would not feel
Each and every movement that I make;
Where every fold doth end
And every crease begin.

Yes through the pain I grin,
Because without it I mightn't remember
That day in the sun spent with you;
Where every cloud was silver
And every love so true.

Yes the pain will dull,
And the tan will stay much longer,
The sun will shine again:
Topless, I will think myself clever;
Tan and burn will come again
But this love will last forever.

Friday, 24 June 2011

The Bird's Song Sings Of You

And the sweetest song that is sung,
Is sung by the smallest sweet singing bird;
That sits atop the lofty tree,
In this big wide world.

I look at you among the branches,
And listen to the sweets,
Of that sweet song that you sing,
And the harmony
With the other bird-tweets.

And all the while I think of you,
And keeping you to myself,
But in my heart I know,
That it is best to share this wealth:

The priceless melodies and music,
By the smallest sweet singing bird;
That sings the sweetest song that is sung.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

They Can't Stop It

They did lock me up,
They guarded me day and night,
They doped me up,
They never let me out of sight.

They can't stop now,
They wont change who I am,
They don't even know how,
They watch the sacrafice of a lamb.

We can see it all,
We know what is going on,
We stand forever tall,
We will live when the body has gone.

We know what must be done,
We know where to go,
We know it will be won,
We know not so!

I am all alone,
I am also free,
I am sat on my throne,
I am waiting for me.

I cannot go on like this,
I cannot stay in this place,
I cannot keep taking the piss,
I cannot keep spitting in my face.