Monday, 25 July 2011

Into the Jungle

And all the while I sit here, screaming, and
You do nothing I can't believe in,
Sometimes I wish it were that I were dreaming,
But no,
No the world still has me at the ankle;
This quicksand life settles around my skin,
I see the end, but I don't recall it begin;
Born with, lived and died in a life of sin,
And so,
So I stay or go, trapped or struggle some more;
In a life I spend grave-digging:
Get busy dying or get busy living,
The more I move the more I'm sinking,
I go,
Go, slip out of sight, deep into shadows,
It's night-time at sea and I'm swimming,
My head floats with dreams full brimming,
In a current I'm never really winning,
And I wish,
I wish it was that I were dreaming.

When The Reaper Comes

Do not fear the reaper, my friend,
For he comes to save your soul,
And death is not the end
Just the completion of a goal.

So shake his hand and smile my friend,
And follow him where he does go,
And trust me now, this is not the end;
But what it is I do not know.

He comes to you in peace, my friend;
Please do not make a fuss.
I tell you the truth it is not the end,
For soon he will come for us.

He has come to take you home, my friend.
This reaper is your brother.
Your day on Earth is at an end,
But beyond it is another.

So do not fear the reaper, my friend,
He he come to save your soul
And death is not the end;
Just the beginning of a goal.

Letter From Up North

Your ageing well my closest friend,
Your looking nice and tanned,
You are soft and hairy around the edges,
When I hold you in my hand.

I have never kissed you my friend,
I suspect its not what you do;
It makes me smile to think though,
Of all the places that we've been through.

I have held you close many times,
I have seen you weep and cry;
But still you get me into trouble,
If you can please just answer me why?

Yet you lie there silent and limp,
There is still some barrier between us;
But forever I will always love you,
My modestly adequate penis.


I climb aboard the steamroller
And put it in neutral,
I don't step off
I'm on it for the ride
And if you are already in the way,
Well, I'll tell you this now,
It is unlikely anyone will survive.

I can't stop it now,
Even if I tried,
My foot just wont reach this brake,
Many times I've tried.
Jump out of the way
And I'll keep on rolling;
Don't try to jump on,
There's no sign of us slowing.

But don't worry,
A steamroller can't hurt you;
Not if you're made of rock,
Just push you -
Help you realise,
The support that you've got.

I will keep on rolling,
And lay a path for the others.
One day, I hope, I'll reach a rock
Just too big,
A rock to stop me dead.
A stalagmite spear through my heart,
Built from the tears
Of spurned and hurt lovers.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Doppelganger Argues With Diplomacy

My doppelganger
My doppelganger,
It is you that I see.
Why must you follow so consistently?
I hear your whispers,
I know you want me dead;
One day you will have your chance,
One day you will take my bed;
But don't think it so soon,
For I don't like you, you see.
Even though you are part of me!
If I could cut you out, I would,
But dissolved you are, in my blood,
And I know you would love to help
Me make that first cut, if you could.
If you could, if you could,
Six-feet deep you would,
If you could, if you could,
The eternal hug of wood;
But you can't and you shan't,
And you wont until I say.
This is my game
And by my rules we play.
So red rover, red rover,
Send Mr. Doppelganger over
Because it doesn't matter what you do,
My doppelganger,
My doppelganger
You will never get through.

The Dull Grey Wind Sails Boats

The sun has faded,
Where has she gone,
In the dull grey wind
I carry on.
She shined for herself,
For herself shining only;
Thinking of a future vacant,
Her body lying lonely.
Her magicians wire,
So very thin;
Could bind no tighter,
The whole thing gave in.
She stood tall in her words,
But her words fell short;
Shivering and wet,
Out in the storm she was caught.
This little angel sun,
Just a little kid I see;
Playing dress-up in mums shoes,
There's no need: you impress me -
But she isn't you see,
She doesn't care:
Teenage feigned apathy.
One road to follow the heart,
But my mind says leave her be;
She can't be the one for me.
To her own sunshine
She must invest,
I'll take the dull grey wind
It is what I know best.

Waking up too early

Cold cup of tea,
Stomach ache, catarrh -
I'm trying to stop smoking,
It doesn't bother me.
I work hard,
Make good, do bad,
And I come home and go to bed.
To be honest I couldn't really care less.
Flip the whole world over tomorrow,
Or leave me here
In this monotony;
Slowly writing myself to a CD,
To leave on repeat
When I leave the building.

It is only a slow morning
And it will be anything but a slow day,
Mainly because of restraints
Imposed by how we measure our days!
Did I mean it that way?

What a blue sky?
Reflecting of my blue mind,
In this ominous flock of birds silence.
I'm half suspecting an earthquake,
But I have no time
To entertain such trivial thoughts,
I have to sit here fighting myself,
Giving up,
And switching to porn.
It is never any good;
Nothing beats squeezing someone to death,
As you both lie in bed.

But a diversion is in place today,
So the blinkers go on,
In this cage of mediocracy.
I need to bust out;
Or bust a nut -
Whichever comes first!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Rice-paper Paper

It is regurgitated,
And frankly not that good.
I was spitting bile like that
Ten-years back,
And the only thing I have read
Is my horoscope.
So take your harrowing tales,
And your misguided hopes,
Sit them next to those dreams of grandeur,
And label the whole mess;
'Obviously not working'.
Your painting by numbers words
Have, 'Made in China'
Written all over them,
And even though
Your definitely not a sheep,
All you do is bleat like one,
But I'm hanging up my crook;
These fells are full
With those dress-up wolves
And part-time foxes,
Trying to pull the wool.
Take your desperation sweat,
And drink it down,
Let the salt dry to your lips
Because no love can grow there:
Dead words full of dead lies,
Those pot-and-pan rabbit eyes.
I gasp in awe long before,
I bother asking why.
Why do you try,
Trying so hard
Like four left feet on a dance-floor;
I'm sorry,
But there is no lute for you;
And the sheep baa'd
For this theatre leaflet bard.
So what can you do?
Is there more homoeopathic poison,
Any more sequela of lust;
No matter what, time keeps ticking
But for you,
Its life or bust.

I hope after all you did know,
Your facing the wrong way though!

A Most Unwelcome Visitor

It floods the denim grooves of my jeans,
Turning them all slippery;
And me
Into a boy again,
But there's no comfort now;
No sent to bed to rest,
No pat on the head and a cuddle,
No Lucozade and waiter service,
Nu bucket and guilt-free sleep!
I look down at it,
I could have got it in the toilet,
I think;
But there is only room for one,
And he's an ass:
The lesser of two evils,
I suppose.
I shower with my clothes,
Held close but kept at a distance;
I shower by myself.
I treat myself:
A tall relaxed glass,
Infant milk,
And climb into bed
Praying not to fart.

Thursday, 21 July 2011


I am not the light
At the end of the tunnel,
Just a mirror on the wall:
Just a glimpse of who you really are.
Just a handrail
To keep you standing tall.
I judge and care not
For the judge,
I give some some
And you my all,
But just remember
I am not the palace,
Just the mat
In the entrance hall.

The Nightingale In The Lea

O nightingale, O nightingale,
Sitting by the lea,
Your figure framed so elegant
In meadow flower confetti.

O nightingale, O nightingale,
I sit here by the lea,
I ail for you sweet nightingale,
O wont you sing for me.

O nightingale, O nightingale,
Sitting here with me,
The ev'ning-tide upon us,
Will you share your lamp with me.

O nightingale, O nightingale,
Singing by the lea,
Travelling on angel wings,
To wherever I may be.

O nightingale, O nightingale,
Shining by the lea,
Your presence such a blessing,
That sends hearts soaring just to see.

O nightingale, O nightingale,
Sitting by the lea,
You have made my day sweet nightingale,
O wont you sing for me.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

You Can't See [Through] Me

I walk on knives, blade up
With the sun on my back;
All: strike up the band,
All clap.
I walk on knives, don't
Hold my hand.
I walk on knives, blade up
With the sun on my back,
As insignificant as air.
Strike up a band; listen!
It was like I was never there.

I walk on knives, blade up,
Made up
Of the sun on my back,
All strike up the band,
All clap -
You can't hold my hand,
The sun on my back.
I walk on knives
As insignificant as air,
Strike up a band; shade,
It was like I was never there.
Just a glisten
Just a glare

Monday, 18 July 2011

A Little About Me?

I drink my tea by the pint,
I shower a certain way,
I do not believe in;
Going to the doctors, dentists or opticians,
As I know myself better than they can.
I listen to what people say,
But I don't always believe them;
I like to be a big kid and play,
For it is always more fun.
I tie my shoes a special way,
I like to dress like an old man;
I pick flowers for people,
Smile for them,
And forgive as best I can.
I have many dreams
And make many plans,
But it is often hard to motivate myself.
I am making more of an effort against this!
I am not concerned with wealth,
But I understand the value of money.
I can find humour, joy, and beauty
In anything;
I take sexual references and innuendos
From everything,
I can be serious when needed,
But only if I see fit,
And don't expect me to remember something
Because I am bound to forget it.
People think I am crazy,
They are probably right, probably;
I treat my dog as a sister,
I treat my sister
I believe myself a good cook,
And I believe myself a good lover;
At birth I was adopted,
But I don't mind not know my mother.
I like to ride bikes,
I think the great outdoors is grand,
I like to drive,
Although currently I'm banned.
I swim in the sea,
I have two tattoos
And can grow a beard,
I do things randomly
Which to others, seem quite weird.
I like the taste of raw meat,
I like my food anything but hot,
I don't like technology:
I much prefer the paper and the pen;
I will try anything once,
Bleach and line cleaner - never again.

I am Matthew David Legg,
I am also Leggy Leggz,
But I should be David Latus.
Names are just names, you see,
And words just words;
If you want to really know the person,
Spend some time and see, because
That is what really matters.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hyperactive Sleeper

Is this not love,
When the first thing I do
Is ring you,
On the morning when I awake?
Well, if not love,
What then? And why;
Is all I get in return: ear-ache?

I know it is 5a.m.
And that you were,
Probably, fast asleep.
I know I should act accordingly,
But it was still light when I got my head down,
And I have been up since the crack of dawn,
Plus, all this silence was boring me.

Yet, I am still making effort,
I have tried my best
To make you laugh,
And I called you your pet name;
My cute little wren,
But today you seem to think its naff
And have told me never to ring again.

So here I sit alone in silence;
It is now ten past five,
Ten minutes ago I was so wired,
Ten minutes ago I felt so alive,
But it would seem that the world is dead,
And actually, I am still quite tired,
So instead of staying up alone

I think I'll just go back to bed.

Why, what big teeth you have!

I have lived and cried
I live my life
And cry.
A wolf sits at the door;
To teach me
A lesson.
Those spurned
Now sitting idly by,
And I cry,
Not knowing
What I want any more.
Not knowing
How or why,
Or where I am:
Hell starts,
And travels by; caravan,
But this isn't Hades,
I did but lie.
From Hell
There is no hope of coming back.
A wolf sits at the door,
And I will let him in.
The wolf always sticks with the pack.
I live and cry
From the door he is gone.
The wolf and I:

Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Fox and The Goat

Your just like me,
Your just like me
And that, my dear,
Is what is so scary to see.

I was built to take the fall,
And live to tell the tale,
But the thought of you as me
Makes me ever so pale.
Do I like it? Not at all.
But what really can I do,
My life is all my own
And your life belongs to you.

I can try to warn,
I can try to scorn,
As I sit here forlorn, yet
I know you will not listen.
As I sit scared so far away,
Remembering how your eyes did glisten.
Your sweet innocent face,
Your words, your mouth, those little dimples;
O how I miss 'em.

You have to walk your path,
And find out what it takes
To avoid the pitfalls of others,
'A fool only learns from his mistakes,
While a wise-man does from others!'
So live your life, but remember,
That from life you cannot hide
In the bed, beneath the covers.

Your just like me, but
Your not like me,
And that, my dear,
Is how it is meant to be.

Thursday, 14 July 2011


My mother, Leda
Where have you gone,
I can hear my brother calling;

My brother, Kastor,
He comes anon,
I cannot be a dawdling.

My father,
The swan,
Did save us both from falling.

And me, Pollux,
To Hades I am gone,
Your relief my fellow hatch-ling.

Not An Ice-Cold Hand, But A Heart for you

Episode eight-thousand-four-hundred-and-forty-five,
Another episode, and the same old question;
Will he manage to stay alive?

This time the threat is material
Not like the others:
Those demons; spiritual, ethereal.
This is physical: very real.
With a name and a face,
And its own little world
For reasons and motives? To find a place?

The show must go on,
As is always the case,
The climax anon;

The clue: An arrow
That can never match his mercurial pace.
So back vile serpent, back I say,
A man stands here, and not a mouse,
If you must, bear arms, do you? I pray.
Then let, the plague upon your house,
And, thrice this I say.

Don't Be So Close, Glenn

I always thought
That I had seen you somewhere
Alex Forrest;
Could I want anything more?

Like all movies
It deserves a happy end,
No bath and a gun -
Just don't darken my door.

Your crazy,
Your quite literally round the bend;
You bunny-boiling whore.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Lois Lane

The hero
Is only a hero,
Is only a hero
For the heroin.

Saving it all,
Saving everything, but
She can't save him.

Taking his heart
Taking his mind,
Taking his eyes;
His eyes
Taken from the road:
He falls
For her, and

Soul bent and buckled;
Lying straight
He lies as rails,
Still holding her on course;
Holding her
The vehicle
Of his once-dreams;
A vehicle with no load.

Pray now!
He prayed,
He prays for her.
The hero
As a hero
Praying for his heroin.
His heroin
His everything, and
She will
She will never pray for him.

The hero,
Only ever a hero for his heroin,
For her,
She was everything,
But she could never have
Never have saved him.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Walking Blindly In The Sun

The back cover closed
On my failed pharmaceutical fable,
I set some goals to distract
And tell all of the new, better way
That I will react
If I should no longer want to stay;
And my future looks bright,
If I can stick to my story.

Through pain and glory,
The sun shines brighter each day;
And though I know
The sun might not stay,
I stoke it brighter
By sending the blame her way
And taking motivation from the light
To help me last out the night.

Forward and blinkered,
I must trot on;
Never to search and never to find,
Never to entertain the thoughts
Of my doppelgänger's mind:
Those dark days are gone?
And my future looks bright,
If I can stick to my story,

Through Pain and glory:
The sun shines bright each day.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Sky That Holds The Stars

I turn black,
I turn Black
As my skin burns
And my bones crack;
But never shall I turn back.
I turn black.

I turn Black
In the eyes of death and sin,
The gate open, and I go in,
The hairs shrivel and pop;
But never can I turn back.
I turn black.

I turn Black
Knowing that nothing more can be,
That no-one can come with me,
The skin bubbles and weeps;
But never will I turn back.
I turn black.

I turn Black
You have glanced upon my hell,
Yet your blind to it as well,
The eyes purge themselves and shrink;
But still I wont ever turn back.
I turn black.

I turn Black
Don't follow me on this path paved over the past,
It will leave you alone in a nothingness so vast,
The finger-tips and penis ignite;
But still I wont ever turn back.
I turn black.

I turn Black
Into the flames I go,
The only way I know,
The body in no more, just coal;
And never shall I turn back.
I turn black.

I turn black,
I turn Black
As my skin burns
And my bones crack;
But never shall I turn back.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Two Turtle-Doves By The Green Bridge

Shall this be our home, Then
Lets plant plants and trees
That will grow to be homes, and food
For both the birds and the bees.

We can plant a tree;
One for you
And one for me,
And one each, when,
For the kids that will be.

Let us find refuge and wonder
In our garden so lush;
Marvel at the beauteous blooms
And scents from the fragrant bush.

Have no need for other
Far away worldly things:
Be humble in what our garden brings,
And like the birds that nest
It shall give your heart wings,
For the garden is home,
And where love lies best.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Joint Venture

I once sat in a room
With five other men,
Of varying ages, and:
I was by no means the eldest,
When two of them
Started firing darts,
From a child's crossbow,
Into one another
The rest of us just sat there;
And watched.