Monday, 13 August 2012

Kubus Only Tasted Good Because You Recommended It

The best thing I have ever known
Is seeing your smile
Blot out the summer sun.

The sweetest song that has ever been sung,
Flutters around my head
With every word you speak.

The closest to peace there ever was,
Is sitting by your side,
And the touch of your hand.

Without you, my life would go on;
Without the warm Summers breeze.
Without you the colours wont shine,
They wont paint pictures
In the Autumn leaves.

Without you a smile uses muscles,
To counteract a frown.
With you, I hardly noticed;
But it was always around.

If only time could stop,
Then I could win your heart.

You don't love me
And probably never will.
I wanted to tell you how you make me feel.
To show you.
I could never do that.  I love you too much.

The best thing I have ever known
Is standing in your smile.
Though it is all it might ever be

I just can't stop.
I can't stop loving the birds, the littlest insects, people as the pass me by,
The leaves, and the trees, the sun, wind, the rain;
The night, the day, food;
Every little problem in my life, every success,
Every time I think it is the end.

It shines on in pure blissful knowledge.
It shines because you make it shine.

The best thing I have ever know
Is you.

1 comment:

  1. "Without you a smile uses muscles,
    To counteract a frown."

    Very pretty line :)

    You poem reminds me a little of 'Progress Report' by Vikram Seth..not quite the same theme..but something underlying that feels similar.