Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Letter To A H.Keller

Can't you see,
That I'm sick of this day;
Can't you see, That I only ever want
To go out in the rain
When it isn't raining;
And go for a jog when I'm busy.

Can't you see that I'm a fake,
That I don't fit in;
Can't you see, that I don't
Value myself, how could I
Ever value you;
Do you see what I'm saying.

Can't you see that I love,
That I want to love,
That I want to be loved,
Can't you see;
There is beauty, even in that
Which hurts the most.

Can't you see,
Can't you see,
That it was no more
Special than the rest,
Can't you see that
It was all an act;
Even I believed that.

Can't you see, that true love lasts
Forever, and our love
Is over, and never was,
And never should be:
Don't blind yourself
From what everyone can see.

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