Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Stone in the Shoe

And so begins the test, you snake in the grass;
But your poison wont touch me
And your parasitic spines wont get me,
Because I am salt and I am ice,
And you can't see the storm coming,
By then the destruction will be.
And the slithering smile
But a lonely seed in the sand.
And the sand the desert.

No longer the flesh and bones
Of life, you no longer human,
And find the water,
Please follow those footprints
In the sand and in the water;
Let a conscience be your ballast,
And may it keep your head beneath.
And not even the fish
Would nibble at your flesh.

You beautiful lie, you beautiful lie,
Just hiding a hideous truth,
With your sweetness, and blasphemy
And some doctored proof.
Just look what you have got
And nothing is worth a smile,
Because nothing is really truth,
And you are all alone.

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