Thursday, 23 June 2011

They Can't Stop It

They did lock me up,
They guarded me day and night,
They doped me up,
They never let me out of sight.

They can't stop now,
They wont change who I am,
They don't even know how,
They watch the sacrafice of a lamb.

We can see it all,
We know what is going on,
We stand forever tall,
We will live when the body has gone.

We know what must be done,
We know where to go,
We know it will be won,
We know not so!

I am all alone,
I am also free,
I am sat on my throne,
I am waiting for me.

I cannot go on like this,
I cannot stay in this place,
I cannot keep taking the piss,
I cannot keep spitting in my face.

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