Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Summer Sunlight (It Lights My Heart)

The sun shines all over today,
And in the gardens and leas
The dance of the butterflies begin to play,
And with a bit of hay-fever I do sometimes sneeze;
But never will it stop me, from
Smelling sweet flowers and climbing trees.

A soft kissing breeze picks up
In the clear cloudless skies,
Gaiety and mirth overflow in the pup,
As she canters and bounds after flies;
And nothing today can diminish this smile
Even in the afternoon storm surprise.

In the Summer glow I can feel
Nothing other than utter joy;
New-born everything seems so real,
And I: the curious little boy.
The sun's sun beams, she does,
But in my courting advances she is so coy.

No more! I cannot live,
Without my partner - this smile,
And for it, anything I would give
And would walk a million mile.
I can but love, only until forever
Or until my mind senile!

O heavenly world what more can you do!
This love shines so brightly
And from here, so do you.

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