Thursday, 12 April 2012

Don't Paint Us Black (When We Are All)

Black marked leaving black prints,
The tar you brushed me with,
Scrutinise the looking-glass,
Through your dark black tints.

The tar black brush,
Brushed the black on me;
But inside my soul as light as the sun,
My smile as bright as the day.

Your tar black brush
Wont paint me down,
Only baste my spirit, my skin
Thickens; and your time runs thin.

Black marked leaving black prints,
Your tar black paint fueling fire;
And the love red blood
That I breath, live and speak in

Will tar my brush
And stain your flesh,
Flood your lungs,
Burn your soul.

Your tar black brush cant brush away
My beauty and my blood:
Thicker than tar, tremendously strong;
I will always beat you down.

Your tar black brush can't blacken the dawn,
When we will beat you down,
Our souls as light as the sun,
And in our blood, you'll drown.

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