Friday, 20 April 2012

My Faith's On Me

Your rhetoric is pathetic
Leading people blind, blinkered, and blindfolded,
Spawning evil in insolence and ignorance;
You want to pray to a god,
That don't even heed its people,
Sitting on a throne in buildings unequaled,
While the poor man, uneducated and feeble,
Follows the tales in the hope that its real;
Sitting in the slums, he gave his last penny
To a preacher,
Sitting in his nice house, nice car on the drive,
Spouting the bullshit and stealing from the weak
To thrive.
Does your god keep the evil
Well and alive
In the story books you were read as a child;
Did you sit these characters next to Winnie the pooh?
Fuck no! Because they seen weakness in you
To exploit blind faith
And fear and fallacy,
Now you sit there regurgitating your
Hollow hypocrisy;
Why can't you open your eyes
And see whats true,
That there's no afterlife,
Like in your book's scare tactics:
Your jumping at boo!
Why can't you live
Like this life is just billions of you,
No matter who these people:
Want whats right;
Yet instead we have heads
Getting filled with this shite,
You say we are all brothers
Then why aren't we tight,
A unity, looking after each other,
Striving for whats right;
It ain't heaven and hell
Its here and now,
So stand together
For the what and how,
Fuck all the bullshit
They try to feed us all,
Throw them to the street
Its time to stand tall.

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