Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Incandescent soul, getting brighter and brighter
As you burn my toes with the flame;
Lighter and lighter and
Higher and higher,
As my spirit slips from within this frame.

I peel off the husk of a man misspelt
To be the tumbling Autumn leaf;
Winding through this windy world
I become the wind
In all its majestic invisible relief.

Behind the times the shadow sits,
Dark and dim, standing out like a light,
Against this culture, dark and grim;
A house full of empty heads, and no phone in,
The last surviving in the endless night.

Incandescent soul, getting brighter and brighter;
On scorched earth I stand
In deserts; where no shadows can hide,
And each life sits, waiting for the wind,
Just a grain of sand.

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