Monday, 17 January 2011

New Friends on New Days

People we meet in life, every month and year
Day in, and day out
People that come and go;
That may never know, what they instill
In a person, and imprint on the soul:
Memories doused in happiness,
Memories of moments draped in bliss.
The people that make these moments,
Are those that we will miss; their smile
And the things they taught, Make up their image
And leave no space for ill thought.

Good food, good drink
And even better company; perfect
Times that will remain indefinitely,
These that make up better parts, of my life:
Burnt-on images in grey matter
Of the two hands, grasping at a single knife.

Best friends of best friends,
Feeling already like best friends of mine
As we all stand together, linked in a line.

I am blessed to have met, and look forward
To meeting again;
I hope this is sooner, rather than later when,
I come to ask myself; when?

I am so glad to have met you, it is always
Who you are
Not what you do.
I consider you good friends, friends so true;
I can only hope you feel
The same way too.

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