Sunday, 2 January 2011


Eyes filled with joy
And curiosity, oversized paws
Exaggeratedly raised,
To the pounce or bound.

Flick of white, trembling
Atop the tail,
Glistening drops of morning dew
Twinkling with desperation,
As claws click fabric;
Climbing clothes
In unblinkered happiness.

Wet strip of bobbled leather,
Tonguing tastes anew
On skin and material,
Inquisition giving lend
To nips and nibbles.

Patter and scrape of paw,
Haphazard sprints
Through furniture legs,
Across linoleum floor;
Bass filled thuds
Quickly follow the inertia
Of quickly changed direction.

Monotinous squeeks
And mud smeared patio doors,
Yelps, whimpers and whines;
Fill empty silence
Nuzzling close into
Sleeping protected
Inside the heart.

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