Monday, 24 January 2011

Will I Remember?

Will I remember when I am old and grey,
Will I remember when I am thirty-two,
Will I remember how we used to play;
I dont want memories of everything
I'll be happy with just a few.

Will I remember climbing trees,
Will I remember playing in the dark,
Will I remember the cut and grazed knees;
I don't want to forget your face
In Summer, on the bench, in the park.

Will I remember the first kiss,
Will I remember our first time,
Out-of-control fires splashed with our piss;
We done a lot of crazy things:
The love of life, our only crime.

I want to remember laughing uncontrollably,
I want to remember playing on the sand,
Our differences overcome inexplicably;
As we ran through the woods
And ran through the fields, hand in hand.

When I am old and grey,
When I am in the month of December
Upon my terminal day,
I hope and pray to God, that
I will remember.

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