Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Critic with No Chance

I want to shout,
I want to scream;
I want to direct it at you,
And I would say that you are wrong.

If I don't know left,
How could I have ever known
What was really right,
To teach respect you give a little,
Like the puppy off the lead;
The fall of respect
Is met by discipline
And discipline is followed,
By second chances and respect.
The thickening fog
Keeps a skippers course true.

The unknown voyage set upon, scares
But only out of learning
Can grow understanding and respect,
And as soon as you are in need,
And you will be,
Just be here.
You are the foundations of life.

I might never see what can be,
I might never feel it just so
I can't judge and I don't know,
So you don't need to listen to me.

I love to see strong families,
It makes my heart sing out;
Sometimes I see individuality,
Panda pawed uniform bear hug,
Lost: double or nothing pout.

One day I might have my chance;
To start my own voyage.
Then maybe I will see, how
Wrong that I have been,
Or maybe I'll be right
And my crew will be
So variously skilled
That we could be vaudeville,
Instead of just a dream
Played out past the window-sill.

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  1. I really love your writing you know :) It's so thought-provoking!