Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Untitled 06/10/2010

Sometimes I act like a fool,
A tool and say things
I don't mean,
But inside out I don't
Appear as I seem,
I like to chat shit,
Act the clown,
On the streets
And in the town;
I am a mystery man
Who says what he likes
But never means what he says,
Works as hard as he plays,
Welcomes he never out-stays.

I don't see much in this world for me,
A prisoner of society waiting
To break free,
Do what I can and be who I be,
Want to see?
Come take a walk with me.

Never hard done,
Don't live
By the gun,
Shot one but just for fun,
Take a walk in my shoes,
Over seas, car, train or aeroplane,
Experience life
With no stress or strain.
I am not
Saying I have
No troubles:
I do have some,
Fretting over them,
Now thats just dumb!

So follow me,
Learn and see,
A happy life
Fun and free.

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