Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Fox

The city fox lives on the outskirts of town,
Venturing in at night to feed taking what
They see as waste; it could be the
Country-side or the beach, he
Would find his food regard-
less. He mates if a mate
Be there but it isn't
His motivation or
Drive. He knows:
He is smart,
Risk, supply
And environment,
He does this alone
And knows what he must
Do to survive. So often
Eyes catch glimpses of his
Friendly, caring, cute face;
They don't see the teeth tearing
Flesh from bone,picking the weakest
And most vulnerable prey, Feeding on
Babies, feeding on those unsuspecting;
Unsuspecting and dumb. He sits in covert
And stalks in the shadows and only he knows.
Only this little fox knows the solitude and the
Loneliness, of surviving. Already pushed out before
He has ever been close, He sits afar watching: Never
Noticed All alone, Living.

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