Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A path that crosses twice will only lead in circles.

People always want
When they know they cannot have,
And people always take
More than they will need;
Of the seven deadly sins
It is always envy, lust and greed.
They swallow up a soul,
They hide away what was pleasure,
They keep you wanting more,
And to dust they turn your treasure.
See what made you happy
Has long since fell from reach,
Leaving all behind in search of more
Your left alone, stranded on a beach.

If you had listened to wind,
That whistles in the wood,
The simple joy that brings the love
You would have had: you would have understood.
But now the current in the glen
Picks up in the deep and off you sail,
This place is lost;
It shall never be again.

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