Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Weather Man (Today We Set Sail)

We cannot be together, you and I:
We cannot be apart,
Everything I've ever said to you,
I meant with all my heart.

I meant that I loved you so,
And I honestly meant it when;
I say we can never be together,
Never ever again.

So take your platter attitude,
Your a buffet, with a complete lack of will,
I gorged myself, I had more;
But now I've had my fill.

Your pretty, your perfect,
A catch, and any man can see,
I see this too, but I'm not any man,
And no any-man is me.

So forget me, move on,
Or risk turning Tangerine-sweet into tangerine-sour,
And by-and-by I'm gone, just as the days
Fade out, within the witching hour.

I may never return, and never whisk you off you feet,
I may never protect you from your fears;
But live each day with a smile of no regret,
And I will live with these lonely tears.

Your body is an anchor, mine the sail,
We cannot survive together,
Our spirits would fail, tear us apart,
Nothing lasts forever.

We cannot be together, you and I,
We have to be apart,
But everything I said to you,
I meant with all my heart.

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