Wednesday, 14 September 2011

There Is Always A Sequel

People ask me nothing;
I have no answers to give,
To any questions that can be asked.
Can you answer?
Then answer this,
And lets start at the bottom,
With the easiest of all,
Can you tell me what our purpose is,
Can you tell me why we live?
You can utter a pretty argument,
That looks pleasing to the eye
And might fill a big dusty book.
Why? This life,
Our existence, it does not give a fuck!
For what reason do we look for love,
For what reason do we feel emotion?
Do we live to fight and kill each other,
Do we live to expand our theories?
Should we live to smile
To never grow old or get sick,
What will we do when they drop that bomb,
Or there is no more room at the Inn?
No questions have ever really been answered,
Only guessed at, because
No one really knows where to begin.
Please don't ask me for any answers,
I only know as much as you.
They never reveal the plot,
Never in the first half,
So lets stick around for part-two.

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