Saturday, 19 November 2011

Dawn Hedgehog

Along the borders edge
Amongst the prying eyes of dawn,
You scurry as fast as you can:
One last forage before the dangers come,
That come with each coming morn.

Your innocent face and cute complexion
Hide what a beast you are.
On a daily basis you fight for survival
And risk death from animal, man, car!
You defend yourself from monsters
With your thorny Testudo,
Fifty-times your size and yet you still get through though;
The safety of the night and the deep dank bushes
Is what you love, and all you know,
An expert in concealment
We wont see you through the day
And no matter when we search
We never find your place;
I sit here now and watch the dog,
Hackles up, yet you stare her straight in the face,
Fearless and knowing,
Stuffed fat with slugs and bugs
Your still small and for winter growing,
You know man's evil and still terror at my arrival
You start showing, this day is too dangerous;
I sit and the dog sits
As we watch you leave,
Wherever you are going.

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