Tuesday, 15 November 2011

To Uncle

A great man you were
From the moment we first met,
A subtle and intriguing genius
You kept a piece of every person you met.

Sunday lunches at my fathers,
Sunday morning papers and a bacon sandwich;
The final weeks bringing smiles to everyone
As your mind and body did languish;

We know you fought with all your might
For your self, family, and those that care,
We accept that God's judgement is always right
I can look to the sky and see you there

Laughing and joking with those who've left,
Back to your valiant Spartan prime
Happy by your life, we cannot be bereft,
And for us all its just a matter of time;

So we sing, remember, and teach
Of all you were and all you be,
We shall give you unstoppable reach
To keep touching the hearts of everyone who be.

Past Heaven's gates forever and a day
To sit between peace and joy,
To Heaven's angels we sit and pray
For the innocent ecstasies of a cherub boy;

Let them protect you from all evil,
Let them set your soul free,
All life's mysteries, let them all reveal;
And great man of Heaven, as on Earth, you shall now forever be.

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