Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Title Matters Just As Much

What life is this
That money is the root of all evil,
Or so they say; and yet no one stops talking about it,
Are they trying to take the piss.

What life is this
That a person can fall in love so deep,
If love truly exists; and still for love they can't make sacrifice,
But from love the other they want to keep.

What life is this
That when life gets cold and hard,
And might only get worse, we don't strengthen or come together,
We grow soft and wet like a castle made of card.

What life is this
And what have I done so wrong,
In the forest I can see it in the terrified does eyes;
That they knew all along.

What life is this
That our memories are captured on T.V. and film,
What happened to stories, tales and family;
To peoples histories hand built and baked in life's kiln.

What life is this, what life is this,
I don't really care,
I'm a snake alone in the desert, making a gentle hiss;
Or just another person taking the piss.

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