Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sitting On A Fence

What do you see when you watch me so?
You watch me, I see you
But do you know?
I see it all
Like the blind man feels,
The kisses, the Romeo words;
He endeavours and he steals.
The grazed knees thrown down,
Buckled under belief-making time's fair will.
We've grown, nurtured and loved,
And now it's time to kill.

Amongst this mess there is ourself,
And ourself is at the core;
Sail every sea and ocean
And it is inevitable one day,
That you'll come across a shore.
Take flower petals and the smiling moon,
For days come;
And are often gone too soon.
In the dark no one likes a lune.
Like the dog-ball dog,
That goes too and fro;
I cannot stay, I will not stay,
For in my heart I know,
That very soon will come a day
When a ship sets sail,
And aboard it I shall go.

Do you see this as I watch you
Watching me, from the corner of my eyes?
Do you see the smiles and innocence
As the buttons on my cloak:
My intricate disguise?
Or could it be,
That I fool not you,
But only endeavour to fool me.
With coin on back of hand,
So alone I stand, Alone in my purgatory.

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