Saturday, 13 August 2011

How To Kill a Puppy In Three Easy Steps

Beyond the smiles and amongst the dust,
I sit here alone, in the corner
As my body begins to rust.
I paint images of life in the sepia gloss,
Of a world that could have been,
To all unseen, and you couldn't give a toss.
You keep me here, down;
I feel so small, and you
The director, the orchestrator of it all,
Spurning me with hate to which
Love you call: and wait!
There I go, just a little house spider
Caught in the corner of an eye,
As quiet as a mouse, as I break across the carpet.
I want out but still you cry,
And still I stand, and silent,
And I die.
Quick wipe me from your shoe
Before I taint your food,
Spoil your broth,
And leave a bad taste in your mouth.
I run around your house on sugar,
After you slip me a glass of pop:
The top dog, the cream of the crop,
Or just that cute little puppy,
That everyone loves to kick,
And that fits neatly
Into the bag with the masonry brick,
Muffled I sing sweetly,
The babbling brook gurgle
Of the bloodied last breath of asphyxiation.
Here's your commendation,
Here is your prize!
It's not a trip for two
Or a microwave oven;
Its our star prize!
A life to live,
Equipped, fully loaded,
With cold faces, cold hearts,
And impenetrable lies - can you believe your eyes?
It is all for you,
This is your legacy son;
Now just answer this one question.
What is it all worth to you,
For this, what would you do?
Could you kill a man?
Butter me up: spread on the hurt,
I'll just take the paper-weight
And that fruit'o'loom tee shirt.
Wax on and wax off,
As our oil-slick smiles shine,
In the summertime,
In a room with no windows;
I'm in my element,
I'm in my prime.
Come see me, you don't see me,
Table for two
Come dine.
Watch my feet, watch my hands, watch my wobble
As I walk this line;
You cheer me on and encouragement you call,
But I - like you sit and pray
For the thud, crash, crunch,
Of the capital fall,
And I sit in wonderment and awe,
At a bloodied mess and a bloodied corpse,
Merging with the floor,
I sit still, still staring,
And let out a snigger of a snore,
Still in the moment of that wondering awe;
Can I believe what I just saw!
This deserves a hand,
A clap, A round-of-applause;
To the ovation I stand,
But in the tsunami wave I pause,
I freeze, I halt, I stop,
And it hits me, it hits me hard,
Like it must have felt to the floor;
From spider to puppy to puddle,
It was only me that I saw.
So sing your ashes to ashes,
Throw your dirt and your dust,
Just don't leave me in this corner, just
Don't leave me here to rust.

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