Monday, 15 August 2011

A Choice Made (And Gave Unto You)

I see what you say,
It oozes from
Every bit of your flesh visible.
It says that it cannot believe,
It can barely fathom how I don't hurt,
That I am not at this very moment
Laying doubled up on the floor.
Your eyes say the same,
They speak the hurt
That you had for me,
You give me back my books,
But I leave you with my shirt.
Just like the stars that shine,
It is nice to see you,
But I don't need to see you again.
I guess you need a friend though,
As you handle this hurt
That you had meant for me.
I was long prepared for this,
Ever since the very beginning;
I could hear your ghost,
Among the voices in the night;
It searches for what,
It does not know,
And your mind runs around,
Your just a tethered pony
With nowhere to go.
Make your path and walk it straight,
And I will walk you some of the way.
Do not fear no wall nor gate,
And know our paths will part someday.
Forever with you your choices stay.

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