Friday, 12 August 2011

That Strong Rock Is Immobile

I stop time and forget it all,
You give me hope of the days gone by,
And in the rain I am a rock:
Unmoved and tall,
Ready to fight or prepared to fall.
Ready to live and ready to die.

The days come and the days go by,
Like a childhood in a parents eye,
But we do not tie ourselves to the galloping horse;
The day must come to say goodbye
And it must be free to run its course.
Smile, you lose a memory each tear you cry.

Time doesn't stop it just passes you by,
You should have seen this,
And yet your still asking why?
I see people who make me sigh,
But they always go -
They just passed me by

And so I stand here and try,
To relive the days that have passed me by,
And then I think and ask myself why?
Those days have gone, passed me by,
And tomorrow,
Tomorrow could be the day I die.

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