Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lesson One: The Method Actor

I love you, I love you;
I say it to you,
I say it to you,
Is it true? I have no clue,
Then why is it I do?

I love you
Because you are beautiful, in your own special way,
I love you regardless;
Whether man, woman, heterosexual or gay,
I love you because I can,
I love you because I am selfish
And it makes me feel great,
I love you because I am greedy,
And for love I cannot wait.
I love you like the morning,
In all its splendid glory,
Lets share this love like love:
The love found in a love story,
Our paper love, A crisp white dove,
A love that fits the bill,
A love that will never fade,
A love to do my will.

So take this love and share it out,
Give it to all you see,
And feel free to fake it,
If your not feeling so lovely.

But just remember that
Love is life and life is love,
And love is all a play,
So take you life and take your love,
Lets have some fun,
And with it run away.

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