Thursday, 25 August 2011

Of Mens Minds At Midnight

In the cold dark night I walk,
With haste, the pebbles chatter
Beneath my feet, and in the dark
Something can hear them talk.
In the black cold silence
Sneaks and creeps,
The ocean growl of a monster,
And the beast atop the trees
Sinister woody creaks.
I walk a little faster,
As I move through the copse;
Then comes a breathing behind me
And my body shakes and stops.
I hold my breath and listen close,
For what I cannot see,
My heart beat beats ever more loudly;
And then I see it move from behind a tree.

I break the stillness and the silence,
And set of at some pace,
I glance behind in a panic,
I see his glowing face.
With eyes of fire and a face full rage,
He follows me at speed.
With tears streaming I begin to cry,
To the moon I plead.
I think he is getting closer,
But I dare not stop and look,
For in the copse I have heard the tale,
Of a monster and a man with a bloody hook.
I see the door to my home,
And put in one last sprint,
Through it I barrel, turn and lock it tight,
Out the window through tears I squint,
Into the black of night.
Nothing there but the moon,
And he appears to laugh and smile;
I climb into bed and hide
Still shaking all the while.
I relax a bit and give a little snort,
Was it all in my head,
O, what a silly thought,
I settle down a little now,
Ready for my nightly nap,
When outside the door I hear him call,
And upon it he does wrap.
To the window from my bed,
I give a nervous look;
For from my bed, in the window,
I can see his bloody hook.

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