Saturday, 27 August 2011


Your fear keeps you silent,
As your little limbs tremble,
Your hair is coming loose,
And your eyes
They do nothing but ask.
Part of me feels,
I am sick in sympathy for you.
I would gladly take your pain;
Returning what they taken,
In a heart-beat.
We know this can't be done,
But trust in me,
For I know there is an end
And a light,
And days of sunshine,
Play, and that walk
With the little bum-wiggle
That reminds me,
Of a little toddler dancing.

You look at me,
With those puppy-dog eyes asking,
And all I see is that silver screen
And that little girl;
"Is life always this hard,
Or is it just when your a kid?"
And the answer is always;
"It is always like this".

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