Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Back Away From The Teddy And Remove The Thumb From Your Mouth

You were just a little girl that day,
Just a little kid with a temper;
I thought it would take it all away,
If I could take you far away,
But this I never meant for.
We went, and we lived, and survived the nights;
We walked, we talked, we looked out at the city lights.
You didn't live for you though,
You didn't learn how to;
Times got hard and you lost your will;
Here comes the cliché on life;
Out there you are killed or kill!
I pray for you to grow up,
To achieve what you deserve,
For you do have the passion, the beauty,
The intelligence, and a personality
To realise your worth.
Be the person you should be,
All that you can be,
Live life; be free,
Don't just follow,
You have to live for you, Think
I have to live for me!

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