Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Ying-Yang of me

I have my moments, my piece to camera,
My moments in the sun;
Still the doppelgänger brings the hate,
The dark clouds roll near,
Nights prowl closer and closer,
The black has almost come.

I fill my world with smiles,
To break up the coming night;
Still the black injects, my soul it infects,
I cannot win this fight.
And every smile I give,
And every smile I take,
I leave a string of changed courses,
Rolling in my wake.

The black it floods out of me,
In every kiss and touch,
Dousing flames of passion,
With an inferno that's just too much.
Oil ignited with blank emotion,
Fires of beauty that burn so deep,
Some water, beat it back, spill an ocean;
A pipe, a lamp, please someone that will keep.

The sun slowly sets on me,
With shoulder and nose bright red;
I over-did it once again, the only souvenir the pain,
It doesn't matter: all is said;
And the sun fall from its highest height,
Because at its best it's dead.

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