Friday, 14 October 2011

Every Animal Dies Alone

These old clothes don't smell of you no more;
The smell of youth and Summers on the shore,
Just dead cigarette smoke and tears.

These dry lips ain't smiling with your kisses these days;
The set of white soldiers, singing sweet love-songs,
All I have is the swollen gums and gristle of gritted teeth.

These hazy eyes wont find what they're searching for;
The beauty of sepia smiles and slow motion, on an Autumn day,
All that is left to see ripples in these piteous tear-drops.

I will love you with all my heart,
And any pain you can mend;
But a man that can find no love for himself
Will only hurt in the end.

These hard cold hands still miss your touch;
Biting Winters by the fire and early mornings in bed,
Now all they do is hold each other, pray to hear those words we said.

These blistered feet don't move so fast, aching for those days,
Carrying you and I, when they would chase you up the hill;
All they do now is shuffle along this cold dark floor.

This heart can't love anything these days, not like it once loved you;
Poured it all at your feet, watched it drain away,
Now all I have is this gaping wound, the place where I held you.

The only comfort in this lonely pain,
The only thing that's forever;
The only thing that's true.

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