Monday, 10 October 2011

You Spin The Wheel (The House Always Wins)

I am a trouble, bad news;
That guy you're all warned about,
I live fast, I'm handsome, and I know I'm going to die young;
I'm not scared! Misadventure, drugs, women, booze?
But there is no time for a snooze,
If your not fast your last,
Or at least that is what I used to say,
Way back in the past, when I caught myself out,
I slowed down, I stopped,
'I need to take care of me',
Yet I always have been this selfish man,
I've done it since day one: I do it unconsciously;
So what did I mean, what did it all mean?
Love god, love thy neighbour, sit down, stand up;
Love the queen?
I tried it all, all with the help of the lies,
The feted fakery of life's green-screen;
Create the mood, set the tone,
And you can have it all: five-ten but I was feeling
Ten feet tall,
They say that the greater the height
The easier it is to use the elevator,
Or something along those lines.
But I am lost in this life and I don't know where to go;
I am trying to programme my satellite navigator,
Come one come all, see my failings,
See the one man comedy show,
The tragedy of me; all smoke and mirrors,
And now it is a foggy day, with me
Just a blank shadow, a stain
On the crisp white blanket:
Strong bleach and a boil wash will sort that out.
I am a man of many problems,
Heck, they say it everyday,
Wrap them up, write my address, and send them on their way;
Someone phone France, and ask them if a problem can come stay,
Either one of us have to get away,
And when I come back on that sunny day,
I will have time on my side, I will know what to say;
Like Santa reading letters come Christmas day.
I will say;
I am sorry I'm so naughty,
But your so nice,
We tried it once, we've both grown,
And I am a good boy now,
So why shouldn't we try it twice?
Then I will see, that hole dug by me,
And I will know the time;
Time to use it,
The wings have beat,
I have already lost you,
So I start each day and bid the rest

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