Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Dry Wood

I had you,
I had you,
I had you,
I had you;
I have nothing, and I am all alone.
I find comfort in the proximity of my fears,
In this dark wood that I roam,
And when I cry, nobody hears,
I feel no place to call home,
Just respite from these calluses and blisters:
Keep moving or the oil will burn away;
Everything was here, but it all just missed us,
If I stay, leaving only becomes the fear.
O where are my brothers, where are my sisters;
Never so near as so far away, I dream,
Just a dream that our mother kissed us;
And on this path there is a toll to pay,
Just a dream, just a dream, for that love I pray;
Just a dream to sleep,
It comes and it goes away.

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