Tuesday, 18 October 2011

It's Not God

Praise God, Praise God;
All hail! Praise God,
Thank you for what we are about to receive,
Thank you for what has just happened! ...
Always silence, never 'your welcome',
I ask you how can we truly believe?

Help me my Lord, Help me please,
I beg you and I fall to my knees;
When your helpless you need a release,
To calm your fears, to explain your luck;
Let me postulate; if there is a God,
He doesn't give a fuck.

We are nothing more
Than fishy-wishies, in a tank,
No better than a whore;
We do what we can to survive:
Just seeds scattered upon the shore.
We see it and look away.

It makes me laugh, and it makes me cry,
When I see your blind faith innocence;
That fresh beck sparkle buried within your eye,
I sigh, I want to show you more,
I would teach you everything I ever saw, I ever knew,
I will teach you to be a whore.

Once again we travel all day, and still remain
Nowhere, from where we once set-off,
My life so full from living, yet my heart
Has never been so bare,
I have no prayers to throw out there;
I have no reason: I'll always love and always care.

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