Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Looking For The Context (You Have Forgotten The Content)

Why have you, chosen to forget
What I said, in the beginning,
Just before we first met?
I explained I was free,
A duet: we can just not be,
And yet this is spilling,
From the faces of people,
In places where we go,
And its sticky like treacle.
It kills all freedom,
Kills all fun,
Kills the friendship we could have had,
When I'm pushed away,
And people say;
He's she's hers his there were,
Over there, goes your lad.
Your only tying yourself
To something, that will slip away,
Unnoticed: gone,
But don't think, don't blame me,
Asking where did it go wrong,
Sit back, think, wait,
I've got weight,
We had discussed this before
Our first date;
And don't say I made things hard,
Pouring love and affection
On you, that is how it works,
That is just what to do;
To fill our need, not our life,
Not anything more,
Just a few dates
Every week, or two,
And besides I am gone,
Going, gone for good,
In a month, or two.
Now don't think me wrong,
I love spending time with you,
When you are here;
But I dread and I fear,
That you think and you feel,
That we are more than we are.

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