Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Letter To A. P.

I was never crazy,
I was never mentally ill;
I just placed myself on the edge,
And questioned everything.

I don't know if you could
See this, but your eyes said they knew.
You talked to me, and done your job;
I guess like you were supposed to do.

I just write to say thank-you,
I am not sure even why;
I know you didn't change anything,
And you didn't stop me wanting to die.

Yet talking to you made me see there was more:
There used to be the line,
But it can be anywhere, and you don't need to throw yourself over it,
Just to find out what is in store.

I know you will be great,
For the good get greater,
And someone big will see what I saw,
Sooner or later.

You wont want to see me any more,
To be honest neither do I;
So I thank you once again,
And I guess this is goodbye,

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