Monday, 25 July 2011


I climb aboard the steamroller
And put it in neutral,
I don't step off
I'm on it for the ride
And if you are already in the way,
Well, I'll tell you this now,
It is unlikely anyone will survive.

I can't stop it now,
Even if I tried,
My foot just wont reach this brake,
Many times I've tried.
Jump out of the way
And I'll keep on rolling;
Don't try to jump on,
There's no sign of us slowing.

But don't worry,
A steamroller can't hurt you;
Not if you're made of rock,
Just push you -
Help you realise,
The support that you've got.

I will keep on rolling,
And lay a path for the others.
One day, I hope, I'll reach a rock
Just too big,
A rock to stop me dead.
A stalagmite spear through my heart,
Built from the tears
Of spurned and hurt lovers.

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