Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Doppelganger Argues With Diplomacy

My doppelganger
My doppelganger,
It is you that I see.
Why must you follow so consistently?
I hear your whispers,
I know you want me dead;
One day you will have your chance,
One day you will take my bed;
But don't think it so soon,
For I don't like you, you see.
Even though you are part of me!
If I could cut you out, I would,
But dissolved you are, in my blood,
And I know you would love to help
Me make that first cut, if you could.
If you could, if you could,
Six-feet deep you would,
If you could, if you could,
The eternal hug of wood;
But you can't and you shan't,
And you wont until I say.
This is my game
And by my rules we play.
So red rover, red rover,
Send Mr. Doppelganger over
Because it doesn't matter what you do,
My doppelganger,
My doppelganger
You will never get through.

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