Sunday, 24 July 2011

Waking up too early

Cold cup of tea,
Stomach ache, catarrh -
I'm trying to stop smoking,
It doesn't bother me.
I work hard,
Make good, do bad,
And I come home and go to bed.
To be honest I couldn't really care less.
Flip the whole world over tomorrow,
Or leave me here
In this monotony;
Slowly writing myself to a CD,
To leave on repeat
When I leave the building.

It is only a slow morning
And it will be anything but a slow day,
Mainly because of restraints
Imposed by how we measure our days!
Did I mean it that way?

What a blue sky?
Reflecting of my blue mind,
In this ominous flock of birds silence.
I'm half suspecting an earthquake,
But I have no time
To entertain such trivial thoughts,
I have to sit here fighting myself,
Giving up,
And switching to porn.
It is never any good;
Nothing beats squeezing someone to death,
As you both lie in bed.

But a diversion is in place today,
So the blinkers go on,
In this cage of mediocracy.
I need to bust out;
Or bust a nut -
Whichever comes first!

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