Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Fox and The Goat

Your just like me,
Your just like me
And that, my dear,
Is what is so scary to see.

I was built to take the fall,
And live to tell the tale,
But the thought of you as me
Makes me ever so pale.
Do I like it? Not at all.
But what really can I do,
My life is all my own
And your life belongs to you.

I can try to warn,
I can try to scorn,
As I sit here forlorn, yet
I know you will not listen.
As I sit scared so far away,
Remembering how your eyes did glisten.
Your sweet innocent face,
Your words, your mouth, those little dimples;
O how I miss 'em.

You have to walk your path,
And find out what it takes
To avoid the pitfalls of others,
'A fool only learns from his mistakes,
While a wise-man does from others!'
So live your life, but remember,
That from life you cannot hide
In the bed, beneath the covers.

Your just like me, but
Your not like me,
And that, my dear,
Is how it is meant to be.

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