Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Dull Grey Wind Sails Boats

The sun has faded,
Where has she gone,
In the dull grey wind
I carry on.
She shined for herself,
For herself shining only;
Thinking of a future vacant,
Her body lying lonely.
Her magicians wire,
So very thin;
Could bind no tighter,
The whole thing gave in.
She stood tall in her words,
But her words fell short;
Shivering and wet,
Out in the storm she was caught.
This little angel sun,
Just a little kid I see;
Playing dress-up in mums shoes,
There's no need: you impress me -
But she isn't you see,
She doesn't care:
Teenage feigned apathy.
One road to follow the heart,
But my mind says leave her be;
She can't be the one for me.
To her own sunshine
She must invest,
I'll take the dull grey wind
It is what I know best.

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