Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hyperactive Sleeper

Is this not love,
When the first thing I do
Is ring you,
On the morning when I awake?
Well, if not love,
What then? And why;
Is all I get in return: ear-ache?

I know it is 5a.m.
And that you were,
Probably, fast asleep.
I know I should act accordingly,
But it was still light when I got my head down,
And I have been up since the crack of dawn,
Plus, all this silence was boring me.

Yet, I am still making effort,
I have tried my best
To make you laugh,
And I called you your pet name;
My cute little wren,
But today you seem to think its naff
And have told me never to ring again.

So here I sit alone in silence;
It is now ten past five,
Ten minutes ago I was so wired,
Ten minutes ago I felt so alive,
But it would seem that the world is dead,
And actually, I am still quite tired,
So instead of staying up alone

I think I'll just go back to bed.

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