Monday, 25 July 2011

When The Reaper Comes

Do not fear the reaper, my friend,
For he comes to save your soul,
And death is not the end
Just the completion of a goal.

So shake his hand and smile my friend,
And follow him where he does go,
And trust me now, this is not the end;
But what it is I do not know.

He comes to you in peace, my friend;
Please do not make a fuss.
I tell you the truth it is not the end,
For soon he will come for us.

He has come to take you home, my friend.
This reaper is your brother.
Your day on Earth is at an end,
But beyond it is another.

So do not fear the reaper, my friend,
He he come to save your soul
And death is not the end;
Just the beginning of a goal.

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