Thursday, 14 July 2011

Not An Ice-Cold Hand, But A Heart for you

Episode eight-thousand-four-hundred-and-forty-five,
Another episode, and the same old question;
Will he manage to stay alive?

This time the threat is material
Not like the others:
Those demons; spiritual, ethereal.
This is physical: very real.
With a name and a face,
And its own little world
For reasons and motives? To find a place?

The show must go on,
As is always the case,
The climax anon;

The clue: An arrow
That can never match his mercurial pace.
So back vile serpent, back I say,
A man stands here, and not a mouse,
If you must, bear arms, do you? I pray.
Then let, the plague upon your house,
And, thrice this I say.

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