Saturday, 23 July 2011

A Most Unwelcome Visitor

It floods the denim grooves of my jeans,
Turning them all slippery;
And me
Into a boy again,
But there's no comfort now;
No sent to bed to rest,
No pat on the head and a cuddle,
No Lucozade and waiter service,
Nu bucket and guilt-free sleep!
I look down at it,
I could have got it in the toilet,
I think;
But there is only room for one,
And he's an ass:
The lesser of two evils,
I suppose.
I shower with my clothes,
Held close but kept at a distance;
I shower by myself.
I treat myself:
A tall relaxed glass,
Infant milk,
And climb into bed
Praying not to fart.

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